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    See the collection of talks by ACLS President Pauline Yu. 

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    The ACLS Board of Directors at the 2018 annual meeting.  William Kirby, board chair, is at Pauline's right. See board and committees.

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    Pauline in conversation with Earl Lewis, then president of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  See the video series.

ACLS Staff

Andrzej Tymowski

Andrzej W. Tymowski
Director of International Programs

212-697-1505 x145

Andrzej W. Tymowski is director of international programs at the American Council of Learned Societies. These include the African Humanities Program, the Humanities Program in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, the initiative on East and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Early History, the Committees on East European Studies and Language Training, and the concluded Social Science Translation Project.

Tymowski holds a PhD in political science from Yale University, MA degrees in international relations (Yale) and philosophy (Northwestern University), and a BA in classics from John Carroll University. He has taught political science at Emory University and interdisciplinary seminar courses on a variety of topics in Yale College and at the University of Warsaw.

His current interest is the comparative study of academic cultures and its consequences for practice. It is absolutely essential that we understand our globalizing world. But the point is, still, to change it.


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