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    The ACLS Board of Directors at the 2018 annual meeting.  William Kirby, board chair, is at Pauline's right. See board and committees.

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2006 ACLS Annual Meeting and ACLS/AAU Humanities Convocation: "Reinvigorating the Humanities"


The 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies took place at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia, PA, on May 11-13.

Proceedings of the Business Meeting of the Council

In governance sessions on May 11, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Philosophy and the University Center for Human Values, Princeton University, was elected for a three-year term as chair of the Board of Directors. He succeeds Susan McClary, University of California, Los Angeles, who served as chair 2003-06.  The newly elected chair, Appiah, joins Board officers John R. Clarke, vice chair (2004-07); Charlotte Kuh, treasurer (2005-08); and Sandra T. Barnes, secretary (2005-08).

Nancy J. Vickers (president, Literary and Cultural Studies, Bryn Mawr College) was elected to the Board and Anand A. Yang (History, University of Washington) was reelected, both for four-year terms.

In other matters, Council members approved the 2006-07 budget as well as an increase in dues for constituent societies. Increased dues are to be paid between 2006 and 2012, after which dues will be adjusted annually for inflation.

Report of the President

Addressing the Council, President Pauline Yu talked about how changes in the world order have intensified the mandate of scholarship, especially humanistic scholarship, to understand and to interpret a world where the confluence of cultures makes differences more immanent.

ACLS/AAU Humanities Convocation:
"Reinvigorating the Humanities"

On Friday, May 12, the Association of American Universities joined ACLS in convening the ACLS/AAU Humanities Convocation: Reinvigorating the Humanities. The convocation focused on the AAU report, Reivigorating the Humanities: Enhancing Research and Education on Campus and Beyond. The humanities convocation brought together university presidents and provosts, learned society leaders, foundation leaders, relevant federal agencies, and Congress to discuss the appropriate role for the humanities in meeting today's social and cultural challenges and to develop a shared agenda for raising the profile of the humanities inside and outside of academia. Many of the ideas and recommendations generated from campus roundtables, including how to develop new resources and funding strategies for the humanities, served as a foundation for the convocation. The convocation convocation agenda includes links to all speakers' texts.

Charles Homer Haskins Prize Lecture

Inaugurated in 1983, the Charles Homer Haskins Prize and Lecture is designed to pay tribute to a lifetime of scholarly achievement in the humanities. The 2006 lecture was delivered by Martin E. Marty, Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Divinity School, University of Chicago. The lecture served as the culminating event of the Humanities Convocation. A Life of Learning by Martin E. Marty was published in 2006.

The National Humanities Alliance Annual Meeting, which has been held in conjunction with the ACLS Annual Meeting for a number of years, took place on Saturday, May 13.

  • Opening the Convocation: Edward M. Hundert, Thomas Mallon, Pauline Yu, and Don Michael Randel

  • Incoming ACLS Board Chair Kwame Anthony Appiah with departing Chair Susan McClary

  • 2006 Haskins Prize Lecturer Martin E. Marty with Pauline Yu

  • Addressing "Reading and Knowing in the Information Age," Paul N. Courant . . .

  • and James O'Donnell.

  • ACLS Vice President Steven C. Wheatley spoke on the 2004 AAU report.

  • Addressing the humanities' public sphere, The Honorable James Leach (R-IA) . . .

  • and The Honorable David Price (D-NC).

  • David J. Skorton, Nicola Courtwright, and David Marshall addressed leadership issues.

  • Patricia Meyer Spacks and Norman M. Bradburn spoke on "Making the Humanities Count."

  • ACLS Fellows David Schaberg and Beth S. Wenger looked to the future.


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