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    See the collection of talks by ACLS President Pauline Yu. 

  • 2018-board

    The ACLS Board of Directors at the 2018 annual meeting.  William Kirby, board chair, is at Pauline's right. See board and committees.

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    Pauline in conversation with Earl Lewis, then president of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  See the video series.

Presidents and Early Leadership


Pauline Yu

President, 2003-present

Talks from the President
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Francis Oakley

Interim President Emeritus, 2002-2003

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John H. D’Arms

President, 1997-2002

John H. D'Arms and the Humanities: His Achievements, Our Future Course. ACLS Occasional Paper No. 53.


Stanley N. Katz

President Emeritus, 1986-1997

Report of the President, 1986-1997. ACLS Occasional Paper No. 38.
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John William Ward

President, 1982-1985

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R.M. Lumiansky

President, 1974-1982
President pro tempore, 1985-1986

R.M. Lumiansky: Scholar, Teacher, Spokesman for the Humanities.  ACLS Occasional Paper No. 3.


Frederick H. Burkhardt

President, 1957-1974

"Remarks on the 75th Anniversary of the ACLS," ACLS Newsletter 4.2 (1994).
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Mortimer Graves

Executive Director, 1953-1957

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Charles E. Odegaard

Executive Director, 1948-1953

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Waldo G. Leland

Director, 1939-1948
Executive Secretary, 1927-1939

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Charles Homer Haskins

Chairman, 1920-1926

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Chairs of ACLS Board and Council

William C. Kirby, 2018-
James J. O'Donnell, 2013-2018
Earl Lewis, 2012
Kwame Anthony Appiah, 2006-2012
Susan K. McClary, 2003-2006
Patricia Meyer Spacks, 1997-2003
Francis Oakley, 1993-1997
Neil Harris, 1989-1993
Georges May, 1982-1989
Curt F. Buhler, 1974-1982
Robert M. Lumiansky, 1959-1974
Howard Mumford Jones, 1956-1959
C.W. de Kiewiet, 1954-1955
Cornelius Kruse, 1950-1953
William C. DeVane, 1947-1949
Fred N. Robinson, 1942-1946
William E. Lingelbach, 1938-1941
Robert P. Blake, 1936-1937
Edward C. Armstrong, 1929-1935
Joseph P. Chamberlain, 1926-1928
Charles Homer Haskins, 1920-1925