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    ACLS Fellow Rian Thum presented his research on Islamic China at the 2018 ACLS Annual Meeting 

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    Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow John Murphy leading a tour of his exhibit

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Beyond the Academy


ACLS Public Programs create a more expansive vision for humanities scholarship by demonstrating that advanced research, as well as the skills and capacities honed during doctoral education, have wide application beyond the academy. Key programmatic initiatives include the Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Program, which places recent humanities PhDs in partnering agencies in the government and the non-profit sectors, and the Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs, which fosters new collaborations between humanities scholars and journalists covering international affairs.

This series highlights the diverse work of our fellows as they explore new directions for humanities scholarship.

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Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Seminar Builds Networks for Humanities PhDs beyond the Academy

The fourth annual Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows seminar, held September 7-9, 2017, in Philadelphia, brought together the 2016 cohort of fellows at the midpoint of their two-year fellowship tenure. Read more.

Alexander Thurston-TN

Catching up with Alexander Thurston F ’17, Luce/ACLS Fellow in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs

Alexander Thurston is a visiting assistant professor at Georgetown University and a Luce/ACLS Fellow in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs. His research focuses on Islam and politics, particularly in the Islamic Maghreb and North Africa. ACLS talked with him about the role of religion in international affairs, his tips for engaging with non-academic audiences, and his fellowship plans for the upcoming year. Read more.


Catching up with Nandi Dill Jordan F'16, Digital Content Specialist, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Nandi Dill Jordan is finishing her first year as a Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow and digital content specialist at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Jordan, who has a PhD in sociology from New York University, reflects on the greatest challenges of pursuing a career path outside of academia, as well as her most rewarding experiences thus far at LACMA. Read more.


Catching up with Jane Greenway Carr F'14, Opinion Editor, CNN Digital

Jane Greenway Carr spent two years as a Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow and contributing editor at the Washington, DC think tank New America. After her fellowship, Carr joined CNN Digital as an opinion editor. In an interview about her experience as a fellow, Carr tells ACLS how she came to see her doctoral training as an asset to a career in the news business. Read more.


What Can You Do With a PhD?

On the occasion of ACLS naming our 100th Public Fellow, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has published a feature about the origins of the Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program and the talented humanities PhDs who have made this initiative so successful; see "What Can You Do With a PhD?"


Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Convene to Share Experiences and Discuss Opportunities beyond the Academy

ACLS convened its annual Public Fellows Seminar in Philadelphia on August 25-27. The event, the third meeting of its kind for the six-year-old program, focuses on forging a network of PhD-professionals at similar stages in their careers. Read more.


Catching up with Elizabeth Frohlich F’12, Director for Programs and Resources, The Forum on Education Abroad
Elizabeth Frohlich F'12 

Elizabeth Frohlich spent her two years as a Public Fellow working as the Associate Director at the Forum on Education Abroad. Speaking with ACLS, Frohlich recounts her transition from a French Language and Literature PhD candidate with an interest in international education to her current role as the Director for Programs and Resources at the Forum. Read more.


Cable from Tokyo: A Public Fellow’s Work Supporting US Public Diplomacy
Erin Evans-Walker F'14

Originally placed on US Department of State’s Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board in DC, ACLS Public Fellow Erin Evans-Walker made the move to the Public Affairs Section at the United States Embassy in Tokyo in June 2015. She sent ACLS a brief report on her work representing the Embassy and fostering educational and cultural exchange between the US and Japan. Read more.


Public History Shapes Police Preparation in Philadelphia
Jennifer Lee Moses F'14

When ACLS Public Fellow Jen Moses started her placement with the National Constitution Center as program developer, she didn’t expect her portfolio to include training police officer recruits. Moses tells ACLS about the center’s innovative partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department to promote greater understanding of citizen rights. Read more.


Catching up with Korey Jackson F'12, Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services, Oregon State University

Jackson, a 2012 ACLS Public Fellow, was placed as an analyst at Anvil Academic Publishing for 2012-14. Here he describes how his new role promoting collaboration between an academic library and a university press "engages the same problem-solving dopamine receptors" that led him to pursue a humanities PhD. Read more.


ACLS Public Fellows Seminar Brings Diverse Career Paths into Focus

ACLS convened its second annual Public Fellows Seminar in Philadelphia, PA on September 18-20, 2014. The seminar, which each year brings together the new cohort of ACLS Public Fellows, focuses on facilitating the fellows’ transition from academia to a non-academic career path and helps forge a network of professionals at similar stages in their careers. Read more.