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    ACLS Fellow Rian Thum presented his research on Islamic China at the 2018 ACLS Annual Meeting 

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    Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow John Murphy leading a tour of his exhibit

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ACLS Fellows: Focus on Research


For this series, ACLS fellows were asked to describe their research: the knowledge it creates and how this knowledge benefits our understanding of the world. 


laura heffernan
Rachel Buurma F'12 and Laura Hefferan F'12 on Exploring the History of a Discipline through Classroom Records
Emma J. Teng F'06 on the Hidden Histories of Mixed Race Families
Arleen Marcia Tuchman F'07 on the Cultural History of Diabetes
Kenneth M. Price F'08  on Editing Whitman in the Digital Age 
Michael Bess F'08 on Justice and Identity in a Bioengineered Civilization
Paul Gootenberg F'06, F'88 on Writing (and Finishing) the History of Cocaine
Jasmine Alinder F'09, F'97 on Photography and the Japanese American Incarceration
Freidberg_Susanne_tn Susanne E. Freidberg F'09, F'03 on the History of Freshness
Green_Mitchell_tn Mitchell Green F'05, F'00 on the Origins of Meaning and Communication
Mahdavis_Pardis_tn Pardis Mahdavi F'09 on Human Trafficking Reconsidered
Herman_David_tn David Herman F'08 on Narrative Worldmaking across Media and Disciplines
James_Aaron_tn Aaron James F'08 on Fairness in the Global Economy


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