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    Pauline Yu with 2018 Haskins Prize Lecturer Sally Falk Moore

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    In The Humanities Interviews, scholars reflect on the importance of the humanities and their own fields of research and teaching.

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    Thirty-one ACLS member societies develop lists of recommended titles for the HEB online collection

Media Collection

Charles Homer Haskins Prize Lecture Series


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Named for the first chairman of ACLS, the lecture series has as its theme "A Life of Learning."

  • 2018

    A Life of Learning by Sally Falk Moore
    Victor S. Thomas Professor of Anthropology Emerita
    Harvard University
    Read the lecture.

  • 2017

    A Life of Learning by Harry G. Frankfurt
    Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
    Princeton University
    Read the lecture.

  • 2016

    A Life of Learning by Cynthia Enloe
    Research Professor
    Department of International Development, Community, and Environment
    Clark University
    Read the lecture.

  • 2015

    A Life of Learning by Wendy Doniger
    Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions
    University of Chicago
    Read the lecture.

  • 2014

    A Life of Learning by Bruno Nettl
    Professor Emeritus of Music and Anthropology
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Read the lecture.

  • 2013

    A Life of Learning: Wandering Among Fields by Robert Alter
    Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature
    University of California, Berkeley
    Read the lecture.

  • 2012

    A Life of Learning by Joyce Appleby
    Professor Emerita of History
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Read the lecture.

  • 2011

    A Life of Learning by Henry Glassie
    College Professor Emeritus of Folklore
    Indiana University, Bloomington
    Read the lecture.

  • 2009

    A Life of Learning: Six People I Have Learned From by William Labov
    Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Linguistics Laboratory
    University of Pennsylvania
    Published exclusively in electronic format.

  • 2008

    A Life of Learning by Theodor Meron
    Appeals Judge and Former President
    International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), and
    Charles L. Denison Professor of Law Emeritus and Judicial Fellow
    New York University Law School
    Read the lecture.