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Elvira López Vilches F'13, F'02

Elvira López Vilches

Research Associate Professor
Romance Studies
Duke University
last updated: 01/16/19

ACLS Fellowship program 2013
Associate Professor
Foreign Languages
North Carolina State University
Doing Business: Commerce and Mercantile Culture in the Early Modern Hispanic World

Doing business examines the vibrant commercial culture that thrived with the 1500s commercial expansion, struggled in the 1600s, and rebounded in the late 1600s. Far-reaching trade brought new attitudes towards wealth, the common good, and learning that expanded well into the eighteenth century. This book demonstrates how practical modes of thinking created a shift in values from honor to business, trade, and money. In the epistemological moment the book describes, we find new ways of thinking about the relationship between theory, practice, and ethics that are typical of modernity: new methods to build and produce wealth, and new attitudes towards the importance of commerce and the state, as well as professional self-advancement, across the Hispanic world.

Library of Congress Fellowships in International Studies 2002
Assistant Professor
Foreign Languages and Literatures
North Carolina State University
The economy of the marvelous: transatlantic values and fictions of the Spanish empire, 1492-1665.


New World Gold: Cultural Anxiety and Monetary Disorder in Early Modern Spain.
New World Gold: Cultural Anxiety and Monetary Disorder in Early Modern Spain. The University of Chicago Press, 2010.

Columbus's Gift: Representations of Grace and Wealth and the Enterprise of the Indies. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004.