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    The 2017 CEO Fall Meeting was held in Fort Worth, TX.

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    Jack Fitzmier and David Harrington Watt, representatives of the American Academy of Religion

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Arlington, VA, May 7The

2016 CEO Spring Meeting Participants


(CAO Executive Committee members are denoted in bold.)

Mark Agrast, Executive Director, American Society of International Law

Judith Areen, Executive Director, Association of American Law Schools

Suzanne Baazet, Executive Director, African Studies Association

David Barclay, Executive Director, German Studies Association

Alexander Beecroft, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer, American Comparative Literature Association

Bob Berlin, Executive Director, Society for Military History

Adam Blistein, Executive Director, Society for Classical Studies

Sandra Bradley, Director of Member Relations, ACLS

John Paul Christy, Director of Public Programs, ACLS

Margery Berg Daniels, Executive Director, International Society for Third-Sector Research

Mary Ellen Davis, Executive Director, Association of College and Research Libraries

Paul Deslandes, Executive Secretary, North American Conference on British Studies

Paul Erickson, Director of Academic Programs, American Antiquarian Society

Rosemary G. Feal, Executive Director, Modern Language Association of America

Amy Ferrer, Executive Director, American Philosophical Association

Kathy Finley, Executive Director, Organization of American Historians

Jack Fitzmier, Executive Director, American Academy of Religion

Keith Francis, Executive Secretary, American Society of Church History

Candace Frede, Director of Web and Information Systems, ACLS

Jim Grossman, Executive Director, American Historical Association

Jerry Hauser, Executive Director, Rhetoric Society of America 

Sally Hillsman, Executive Director, American Sociological Association

Robert Judd, American Musicological Society

Nancy Kidd, Executive Director, National Communication Association

Steve Kidd, Executive Director, National Humanities Alliance

Emily Kirkpatrick, Executive Director, College Forum of the National Council of Teachers of English

Craig Klafter, Treasurer, American Society for Legal History

John Kutsko, Executive Director, Society of Biblical Literature

Ed Liebow, Executive Director, American Anthropological Association

Timothy Lloyd, Executive Director, American Folklore Society

Victoria Long, Executive Director, Society for Music Theory

Jay Malone, Executive Director, History of Science Society

Jean-Marc Mangin, Executive Director, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Allan Metcalf, Executive Secretary, American Dialect Society

Lisa Mighetto, Executive Director, American Society for Environmental History

Jim Nafziger, Chief Administrative Officer, American Society of Comparative Law

Amy Newhall, Executive Director, Middle East Studies Association of North America

Lynda Park, Executive Director, Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Sarah Peters, Administrative Assistant to the President, ACLS

Michele Randall, Executive Director, Bibliographical Society of America

Alyson Reed, Executive Director, Linguistic Society of America

Bernard F. Reilly, President, Center for Research Libraries

Peter Rousseau, Secretary-Treasurer, American Economic Association

Rebecca Shapiro, Executive Secretary, Dictionary Society of North America

Rona Sheramy, Executive Director, Association for Jewish Studies

Jill Simpson, Executive Director, Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Steven Rathgeb Smith, Executive Director, American Political Science Association

Stephen Stuempfle, Executive Director, Society for Ethnomusicology 

Julie Van Camp, Executive Director, American Society for Aesthetics

Andy Vaughn, Executive Director, American Schools of Oriental Research

Clydette Wantland, Executive Director, Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study

Steve Wheatley, Vice President, ACLS

Pauline Yu, President, ACLS

Carla Zecher, Executive Director, Renaissance Society of America