Learned Society Governance/Leadership Seminars

Recognizing the significance of effective leadership in learned societies to the disciples and the academic community at large, in 2004 ACLS began hosting a seminar for ACLS constituent society presidents and chief executive officers. During the day-long workshop, participants examine the dynamics of voluntary leadership associations, member leader and staff leader relationships and responsibilities, and knowledge-based governance; they also have an opportunity to discuss common concerns informally.

The 2019 leadership seminar, held on September 9 at the Convene Conference Center, 237 Park Avenue, New York, was once again facilitated by Bruce Lesley, a BoardSource consultant.

Seminar presentation
Advance readings

Those who participated are listed below.

2019 Seminar Participants

American Academy of Religion
Jose I. Cabezón, President-elect
Dalai Lama Professor of Tibetan Buddhism and Cultural Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara
Alice Hunt, Executive Director 

American Anthropological Association
Akhil Gupta, President-elect
Director, Center for India and South Asia
University of California, Los Angeles
Edward Liebow, Executive Director 

American Folklore Society
Norma Cantú, President-elect
Norine R. and T. Frank Murchison Distinguished Professor of the Humanities
Trinity University
Jessica Turner, Executive Director

American Historical Association
Mary Lindemann, President-elect
Professor of History
University of Miami
James Grossman, Executive Director

American Schools of Oriental Research 
Sharon Herbert, President-elect
Charles K. Williams II Distinguished University Professor of Classical Archaeology 
University of Michigan
Andrew Vaughn, Executive Director

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
William Warner, First Vice President
Professor of English
University of California, Santa Barbara
Lisa Berglund, Executive Director

American Society for Environmental History 
Edmund Russell, President
Professor of History
Carnegie Mellon University
David Spatz, Executive Director

American Sociological Association
Christine Williams, President-elect
Professor of Sociology
University of Texas at Austin
Nancy Kidd, Executive Director

Archaeological Institute of America
Laetitia La Follette, President-elect
Professor of History of Art and Architecture
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ann Benbow, Former Executive Director

Association for Jewish Studies 
Noam Pianko, Professor of Jewish Studies
University of Washington
Warren Hoffman, Executive Director

Bibliographical Society of America
Barbara Shailor, President
Senior Research Scholar and Senior Lecturer, Classics Department
Yale University
Erin Schreiner, Executive Director

Latin American Studies Association 
Gioconda Herrera, Vice President/President-elect
Professor of Sociology
Milagros Pereyra, Executive Director

Linguistic Society of America
Marianne Mithun, President-elect
Professor of Linguistics
University of California, Santa Barbara
Alyson Reed, Executive Director

Middle East Studies Association
Dina Khoury, President-elect
Professor of History
George Washington University
Jeffrey Reger, Executive Director

Modern Language Association
Judith Butler, First Vice President
Maxine Elliot Professor of Comparative Literature
University of California, Berkeley
Paula Krebs, Executive Director

National Communication Association
Kent Ono, President-elect
Professor of Communication
University of Utah
Trevor Parry-Giles, Executive Director

Renaissance Society of America 
Mara Wade, Vice President
Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Carla Zecher, Executive Director

Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Priscilla Peña Ovalle, President-elect
Associate Professor of Cinema Studies
University of Oregon
Jill Simpson, Executive Director

Society for Classical Studies 
Sheila Murnaghan, President-elect
Professor of Greek
University of Pennsylvania
Helen Cullyer, Executive Director

Society for Ethnomusicology
Tim Cooley, President-elect
Professor of Ethnomusicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
Stephen Stuempfle, Executive Director

Society for Music Theory
Patricia Hall, President-elect
Professor of Music Theory
University of Michigan
Jennifer Diaz, Executive Director