Extending the Reach of the ACLS Fellowship Program in 2017-18


ACLS Fellowships—the American Council of Learned Societies’ longest-running and endowment-funded fellowship program—continue to be central to the Council’s efforts to advance humanistic studies. It is also ACLS’s most capacious program, as these fellowships support research on any topic, about any time period, in any place, from scholars in any humanistic discipline, whether based at a college or university or not.

For 2017-18, the ACLS Fellowship program has expanded to offer up to 78 awards, thanks to the support of individual donors, members of the ACLS Research University Consortium and university and college Associates, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

ACLS expects that the growth of the program will allow its awards to be even more broadly representative of the variety of humanistic scholarship across all fields of study. We also aspire to recognize academic excellence from all sectors of higher education and beyond. As part of our commitment to inclusive excellence, ACLS asks peer reviewers who select fellows to be mindful of the many components of merit.

“Our programs have always supported scholars at a wide range of institutions, but there is no doubt that faculty from research universities and select liberal arts colleges are particularly successful in our competitions,” says Pauline Yu, president of ACLS. “We also know that the vitality of the humanities in our country will be strengthened if we can provide even more support for faculty at teaching-intensive institutions, who introduce the majority of US college students to these fields.”

As part of our efforts to extend the reach of our support, ACLS introduces with this competition a new set of up to 15 ACLS Project Development Grants for faculty at teaching-intensive institutions. Applicants from these institutions who are not selected for fellowships but present particularly promising proposals may be awarded a grant of $5,000 to help advance their projects.

Further information about the ACLS Fellowship program is available online at www.acls.org/programs/acls/. The application deadline is September 27, 2017.