ACLS Humanities Program in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

2004 Awardees and Reports

In the sixth year of this program, the American Council of Learned Societies is pleased to announce the awarding of Short-term Grants in the Humanities and Publication Support Grants in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Awards were made to individuals doing exemplary work in the humanities in the region. Fifty-eight awards were made in amounts from $3,000 to $4,000.

Reports are provided in .pdf format; you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free of charge) if you do not already have it on your computer.

This program is made possible by funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. A list of recipients with city, institutional affiliation, and project title follows.

Short-term Grants for Projects in the Humanities

Natalia ABLAZHEY, Institute of History, Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk, Russia. Migrants repatriated from China to the Soviet Union: The problems of their integration into Soviet Society (1920s-1950s. Report (PDF).

Vera ASTREIKA, Jakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics, Minsk, Belarus.  Formation of a zonal group of the Belarusian language dialects: The sphere of nomination.

Oksana BESNOSOVA, Dnipropetrovsk National University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Mennonites and their neighbors: Mennonite Churches in Imperial Russia, 1798-1917.

Myroslava DIADIUK, Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian Women's movement in the inter-war Galicia: Between gender identity and national involvement.

Vera DOUBINA, Samara State University, Samara, Russia. "Lovely boys" and statesmen: The formation of masculinity and homosexuality among the 19th century Russian noble elite. Report (PDF).

Marina FEDOTOVA, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom), St. Petersburg, Russia. Epistolary heritage and auto bibliographical prose of Dimitry Rostovsky: Research and texts (with an appendix on the Zitie [life] and miracles of Dimitry Rostovsky).

Svetlana FROLOVA, Institute of Public Administration, Kazan, Russia. Noble family in the Russian province in the first half of the 19th century.

Guzel IBNEEVA, Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia. Journeys of Catherine the Great: An experience of the formation of imperial policy. Report (PDF).

Viktor KAPLOUN, St. Petersburg State School of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia. Models from Classical antiquity in Russian culture at the end of the 18th and the first third of the 19th centuries: An anthropological study. Report (PDF).

Aliaksei KHADYKA, Heritage ("Spadchina") Magazine, Minsk, Belarus. Between East and West: The origin of the Belarusian artistic school in the context of Central and Eastern European national cultures from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

Siarhei KHOMICH, Institute of History, Minsk, Belarus. The return of political prisoners from jails and exile: Problems in their adapting to society and society's attitude toward them (based on archival materials and interviews). Report (PDF).

Igor KHRISTOFOROV, Institute of Russian History, Moscow, Russia. Between cosmopolitism and nationalism: The aristocracy in the search for social and cultural identity in late imperial Russia. Report (PDF).

Olga KHRISTOFOROVA, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia. The poetics of ethnicity: The role of regional TV and film studious in the construction of ethnic and cultural identity. Report (PDF).

Iryna KITURKA, Yanka Kupala Grodno State University, Grodno, Belarus. Antoniy Tuzengauz's reforms in the Belarus land and their influence on the transformation of society.

Fiodar KLIMCHUK, Jakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics, Minsk, Belarus. The Palesian archives of Viarenich: Onomastics (names of places, ancestral and official surnames), ethnography (pottery etc.), dialectology.

Pavlo KUTUYEV, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine. Modernity, modernization, and development: A study in the history of ideas. Report (PDF).

Volodymyr MASLAK, Kremenchuk State Polythechnical University, Kremenchuk, Ukraine. The image of the mid-17th Century Ukrainian Cossack revolution in the Russian intellectual tradition of the 18th-20th centuries.

Volodymyr MASLIYCHUK, Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Women on territories of the Left Bank Ukraine and Slobozhanschina in the 1760s-1790s.

Dmitry MIKHEL, Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia. Social history of blood transfusion in Russia, 1914-40. Report (PDF).

Viktor MOYSIYENKO, Ivan Franko Zhitomir State Pedagogical University, Zhitomir, Ukraine. The northern Ukrainian dialect in the 16th and 17th centuries. Report (PDF).

Oleg PANCHENKO, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom), St. Petersburg, Russia. Medieval Russian Monastery on the edge of the modern times: The literary activities of the Solovki monastery in the late 17th century. Report (PDF).

Aleksandr PARNIS, Maxim Gorky Institute of World Literature, Moscow, Russia. Towards a history of Russian avant-garde (Velimir Khlebnikov and other).

Lyudmila POPKOVA, Samara State University, Samara, Russia. Gender equality debates in the history of American women's movement of the 20th century.

Vadim RYNKOV, Institute of History, Siberian Branch, Novosibirsk, Russia. The social-economic policy of anti-Bolshevik government of East Russia from the second half of 1918 to the beginning of 1920. Report (PDF).

Stanislav SAVITSKY, Russian Institute of Art History, St. Petersburg, Russia. The past progressive: The modernization of St. Petersburg and the cultural mythologies of Leningrad.

Alexander SELEZNEV, Omsk State University, Omsk, Russia. The cult of the saints in the popular Islam of Siberia.

Adrian SELIN, Staraya Ladoga Historical and Archeological Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. The adaptation of ethic and religious minorities into Novgorod society in the 16th and the 17th centuries.

Albina SEMIANCHUK, Yanka Kupala Grodno State University, Grodno, Belarus. The formation of historical consciousness in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 15th and the 16th centuries.

Henadzi SEMIANCHUK, Yanka Kupala Grodno State University, Grodno, Belarus. The genesis of feudal society on the territory of Belarus from the 9th to the 13th centuries: Social, political, economic, and cultural transformation.

Victoria SHIVLYANOVA, Institute of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg, Russia. The creation of a catalogue of the phonogram recordings of Mongolian and Turkic people (based on the archival collection at the Institute of Russian Literature).

Marina SIDOROVA, State Archive of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia. The most loyal reports of the Third Section of His Imperial Majesty's Chancellery.

Galyna SYUTA, Institute of Ukrainian Language, Kyiv, Ukraine. The linguistic esthetics of contemporary Ukrainian poetry from the perspective of postmodern discourse.

Alexander TORTIKA, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Northwestern Khazaria in the context of history of Eastern Europe from the 8th to the 10th centuries: An historic and cultural reconstruction.

Nina TOURTSOVA, The State Museum-Monument Isaakievskii Sobor, St. Petersburg, Russia. The feminine icon painting in Russia from the 17th to the early 20th centuries.

Dmytro TYTARENKO, Donetsk University of Economy and Law, Donetsk, Ukraine. The cultural life in Donbass during the Nazi occupation (1941-43).

Natalia URSU, Kamyanets-Podilskyi State University, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. Synthesis of arts in the sacral heritage of the Dominican Order on the territory of Ukraine (17th-18th centuries).

Igor VERNJAEV, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia. Collective-farm village of the 1930s-1960s: Traditional social institutes and their changes (based on material of northwest part of the European Russia).

Oleksiy VINNYCHENKO, Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Lviv, Ukraine. The Estate system of representation in the Ukrainian land of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1575-1650. Report (PDF).

Andrei YANUSHKEVICH, Belarusian Institute of Law, Minsk, Belarus. Society and state of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the Livonian War (1558-70).

Maksym YARAMENKO, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine. Monks and monastic life in the 18th century Kyiv: Formation and collective portrait. Report (PDF).

Andriy ZAYARNYUK, Institute of Historical Research, Lviv, Ukraine. Social and national discourses in peasant texts from Habsburg Galicia: From the second half on the 19th to the beginning of the 20th centuries. Report (PDF).

Elena ZEMSKOVA, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia. German sources of Russian "patriotism" at the time of Napoleonic wars.

Publication Support Grants
Volodymyr ALEKSANDROVYCH, Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Lviv, Ukraine. Iconography of the Virgin's "Pokrov" in Ukrainian medieval painting.

Oleg BUDNITSKII, Institute of Russian History, Moscow, Russia. Ambassador of a non-existent state: Boris Bakhmetev and the search for a new Russia.

Iryna DRYGA, Institute of Oriental Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine. Balkan Turkish in the second half of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Fatima ELOEVA, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia. Literary standards in medieval and modern Greek.

Maxim GON, Rivne State Humanities University, Rivne, Ukraine. Ukrainian-Jewish relations in West Ukraine in 1935-39.

Mariya HELYTOVYCH, Lviv National Museum, Lviv, Ukraine. Ukrainian icons of "The Savior in Majesty."

Sofia LOITER, Karelian State Pedagogical University, Petrozavodsk, Russia. Children's culture: The interactions between children's folklore and children's poetry in the 20th century.

Janna NEKRASHEVICH-KAROTKAYA, European Humanities University, Minsk, Belarus. Joannis Visliciensis, the first Neo-Latin poet of Belarus: Collection of poetry "The Prussian war."

Albert NENAROKOV, Russian State Archive of Social and Political History, Moscow, Russia. The Mensheviks in 1922-24: A documentary edition with a critical-historical introduction, appendices, and indexes.

Alexander PIGIN, Petrozavodsk State University, Petrozavodsk, Russia. Russian visions of the Other World in the manuscript tradition from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

Irena PODOLSKY, Independent scholar, Moscow, Russia. Preparing edition for the "Literary monuments" series: A collection of works by S.A. Andreevsky ("The book of death" and selected essays on Russian literature from the book "Critical Essays").

Irina POPOVA, Institute of World Literature, Moscow, Russia. M.M. Bakhtin's Collected Works, Vol. 4, book. 1, "Francois Rabelais in the history of realism."

Oleg PRYKHODNYUK, Institute of Archeology, Kyiv, Ukraine. Slavs and Turkophone World (7th and 8th centuries).

Olga SHPARAGA, European Humanities University, Minsk, Belarus. The phenomenology of the visible world in its aesthetic and social aspects: A comprehensive study of new ontology.

Mykola SULYMA, Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature, Kyiv, Ukraine. A diversity of sins: Penitential records from the 17th to the 18th centuries.

Fedir TURCHENKO, Zaporizhya State University, Zaporizhya, Ukraine. Southern Ukraine in the Revolution of 1914-23.